Dream come true for Para-T Rider Louis Rolfe!

Its been a long time coming for Para-T rider Louis Rolfe, with most of the British Cycling Team riders for Rio being announced and decided months ago its been a tough time for the 18 year old who finally got the news this weekend at the teams last training camp before…

Louis is currently a Track and Road cyclist and following his success at the UCI Paracycling World Track Championships in March find himself in a team of 3 for the Team Sprint with fellow Para-T Rider Jody Cundy MBE and also ex-Para-T and Help for Heros rider Jon-allan Butterworth. The 3 of them together in Italy at the Track Worlds set a new WR and claimed Gold making them the current world champions in the final ride off against the Chinese who for the last year have been setting new records themselves and until now seemed impossible to beat on the track. It was a huge occasion for celebration and the 3 of them hope to repeat the winning rider in Rio later this year.

With just 50 days to go until the opening ceremony of the Paralympics in Rio, attention now turns to training and preparation before the holding Camp in Newport, South Wales in August.

There are many reasons why Louis was waiting for the announcement and suffice to say that British Talent in Para-Cycling is as good if not better than ever, spots are hard fought and many talented riders were not counting th chickens prior to the first round of announcements. this is actually a very positive thing, the work that has been done by various organisations and charities such as British Cycling, LimbPower, Help for Heros to name a few is encouraging the Grass roots take up in the spot and helping the next generation of Paralympic champions get the opportunities to race all around the world. This surely is not a bad thing, so you won’t find our riders complaining about the selection process because they believe success breeds success.


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