National Para TT Championships – Louis’s Report

The weekend of the National Time Trial has become one of the highlights of my cycling year. This year was no different ! I went up to Derbyshire on Saturday to recce the course and was pleasantly surprised by the terrain. The course was a mix of rolling and flat roads and not too much traffic to worry about.

Louis at National Para TT Champs

My wish for this event was to win the national jersey, realistically my main aim was to try and finish the time trial within one minute of my C2 friend and rival Simon Price. I am lucky in my category to have a couple of really experienced riders to watch and learn from, a great opportunity for me and luckily they are always very generous with sharing their knowledge.

A Croud watch Louis pull away fast from the starting line

A Croud watch Louis pull away fast from the starting line

I set off one minute ahead of Simon, and felt I got a good start. It’s a strange feeling riding the course knowing that you are being chased down and are always conscious of what is happening behind you, dreading the tell tale sound of that disc wheel hurtling towards you ! The first lap went well for me and I felt I had made a good start to build on the second lap. Passing though the start finish I was unfortunately passing at the same time as a tandem was setting off which cost me time, however I regained my rhythm and had a good second lap, happy to finish without being passed by my rival and completing the course with no mechanicals.


In the end I was placed second behind Simon who took gold 38 seconds ahead of me. Chuffed to see Simon take Gold and pleased to have been so close to his time, I have experience to build on and get stronger for next time. All in all a great event and big thanks to the staff and volunteers at Cuckney cricket club and Bolsover Cycling club who made us so welcome. Chapeau to all the National jersey winners, great to see so many Para-T riders on the podium.


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