National Para TT Championships – Megan’s Update

Time Trials haven’t been my main focus for the past couple of months due to Track being the centre of attention with training through to TT and legs screaming out for a recovery week. However, I turned up, albeit blind to the course, surprised that the sun was shining and a glorious day by British standards!!


It was the last TT of the season, I had missed last year’s TT due to broken back sustained whilst cycling ha-ha and didn’t want to miss it this time. As I didn’t know the course I took the approach of commit and chase the other riders down one by one like a Pac man. Not having any expectations other than to keep pedalling whether my legs wanted to or not!

Megan looking relaxed at the Para TT National Champs

Megan looking relaxed at the Para TT National Champs

The course itself was challenging with a couple of sneaky left hand corners and being the ‘obese athlete’ of the bunch the hills killed my legs but the downs made it all the worthwhile and that’s where I made up the time and got on top of the cadence. I did lose my chain on the first lap at the bottom of a descent just as I began to climb, scrubbing off all my speed to a very quick halt, so had to just remain calm, deal with the technical hitch and get on with my performance. Knowing that time was lost.


There was only 4 competitors in the Woman’s C2/3 Category so not a massive turnout, although Woman’s Para Cycling is on the rise and there was plenty of other competitors to use as a focus and drive. Passing two of the Riders on the first lap I turned my focus to catching up with my teammate Superb Sally a dot in the distance, pushing on legs dying and lungs drying out. I finally caught up with Sal on a hill, approximately half way round on the second lap and as I passed yelled some encouraging words with difficulty before continuing onto catching up with some hand cycles in the distance. It was a close race and wasn’t sure where I had placed although was certain it was a 1st and 2nd place for Para-T. After factoring it was confirmed I had achieved Gold on the 23.6km (14.6miles) challenge whilst Sally received Silver, it was a fab result and teammates alongside each other…Happy Days 🙂

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