National Para TT Championships – Sally’s report

Last TT of the season, and we were blessed with sunshine, no fog and no rain – one of the few TTs this year where this has been the case!

Sally getting ready to Start at The Para TT National Champs

Sally getting ready to Start at The Para TT National Champs

There was a great turnout from the Para-T team for this event and it was lovely to catch up with so many of my teammates. There were four competitors in my C2/3 female category, and I was determined to grab one of the two medals on offer! I’d ridden the course earlier in the week so knew it was ‘lumpy’ with a couple of tricky left-hand turns at the bottom of two downhill sections so my tactics were to push as hard as I could on the uphills, and try and recover on the downhills while gauging my effort on my power meter.


Sally was 100% committed to a medal at this point the final corner of the race before a short downhill section to the finish line.

I was set off second in our group and managed to catch the first rider after a couple of miles, but I knew I was being chased by two more riders – including Para-T teammate Mighty Megan! I completed the first lap as planned and was feeling happy that I hadn’t been caught yet, but then I heard the familiar whirr of carbon wheels chasing me down – and halfway up a hill Megan caught me. That did, however, spur me on, to try and keep her in sight as I knew I still had chance of getting the silver medal. With a couple of miles to go I really dug deep, determined to get the best time I could, even though my legs and chest were screaming at me to stop! I definitely ‘got it all out’ and was happy to stand on the podium with Megan – a good end to the road season.


Megan and Sally are remain firm friends within the team, caught on the camera they share a joke on the podium.

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