National Para TT Championships – Craig’s Report

This weekends TT Nationals was a weekend of two firsts for me; getting to race for the coveted stripy jersey, after missing out last year due to surgery, and wearing the Para-T colours for the first time on home soil.
Going into the day’s racing I had locality on my side, my parents living within half an hour of the circuit meant that I didn’t have either a long pre-race drive or a night in a strange bed, marginal gains at its best! As I did have to travel down from my base in the North East it also meant I was able to send them out on a course recce beforehand so I had video of the course to get my head around before my legs followed on the day.
Going in to the days event I knew the pressure was on as I was first out on course and shortly followed by the London 2012 Time Trial Bronze medalist. However on the back of a solid years racing and some good results I was not prepared to bow out at such a momentous occasion.
Training in the north east naturally makes me more of a climber and so the course, with its long drags uphill, didn’t really suit me but with a solid race plan coming into the event I was able to ride to the result I desired and take the Jersey by 27 seconds. Topping off two successful weekends in a row in team colours and ending the season on a high.
Craig McCann after the winning ride

Craig McCann after the winning ride

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