New Year Update : Rik Waddon

Well as we roll into the new season my winter preparation has been the best yet covering almost 160 hours on the bike in the last two months all based in the UK which as you can imagine has been slightly damp…
Its just two weeks now until my season opening race, a 22km time trial and then every Weekend with my first target of the year being the national Para-Cycling Time trial championships in April.

Being Paralympic year its all about hitting form at the right time to deliver the performance that is needed to be considered for selection for the games.
For me the Paralympics aren’t going to be there forever and the opportunity I have now is so great I cant afford to miss out.

The work we have done over the last three years since the games in London after switching from track to road has been a process of building my endurance, making mistakes that are probably are not visible to others and learning from them,investigating new ideas and just moving forward in everything we are doing and seeing how far I can take myself, the data we have now in February says that I am better than at any point in the last three years and now its just about moving forward in everything we are doing as I believe if given the opportunity I can go and win the gold medal in Rio, and I don’t say that lightly,there has been alot go into this.

I moved away from track after London because I wanted to pursue a dream that I have had from a teenager at the age of 14, I could have stayed riding the track and having success at different events but for me I needed to chase this dream on the road and not have regrets in years to come.

The way I look at it is the selection process is out of my hands and slots for the games are limited and there is a lot of competition from the track side of thing, l can only put down results and hope its enough for the selectors on the day.

I just need to say a big thanks my team that have supported me and all my family for putting up with me and the intensity and commitment that I put into this and all the times I have to say no to things because of training especially my wife Natalie who has been my rock throughout my career!

So lets bring it on!

Thanks Rik

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