Louis Rolfe

Cambridge born Louis has cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus after being born ten weeks prematurely. Cambridge is a cycling mad city, but Louis was slow to come to grips with riding two wheels and after several years riding a tricycle he didn’t master a two wheeler bike without stabilisers until he was 11 years old.   

A visit to the National Track Championships in Manchester, September 2011 inspired Louis to ride the velodrome boards himself one day. He continued to ride his bike and got the opportunity to be classified as a C2 paracyclist in November that same year.


March 2012 was Louis’ first attempt at a Time Trial event near his home, a chance meeting with Colin Lynch was Louis first experience of chatting to a pro cyclist and was the “light bulb” moment of realising that cycling could be a career choice for him.


Louis was inspired after the 2012 London Games to make his dream a reality. He attended a Parafest Event in Surrey in December 2012 and was tested on a watt bike by the GB Coaching staff, who saw his potential. Louis was invited to a series of Talent Confirmation weekends at the National Wales Velodrome early in 2013 and has been part of the GB Para cycling Team since then.


Louis is now part of the GB Para cycling Academy and experienced his first World Track Championship event in March 2015 in Appeldoorn. Louis rides regularly with two local clubs and is proud to ride for Para T in local and national events.